Before making any decisions that could affect the health and/or safety of your dog, you should always consult a trained veterinarian in your local area.

Pawsome Shepherds Does Not Provide Professional Advice

Information on Pawsome Shepherds is for educational purposes only and should not be considered professional advice.

Whenever you have an issue with your pet, our advice to you is to speak to your local veterinarian or professional trainer.

Your local veterinarian will be able to physically examine and perform various health tests, and that can never be replaced by any article, no matter how good or accurate it is.

Any product or service that is “recommended” throughout Pawsome Shepherds, is from our personal experience.

If you choose to go ahead and use that product or service after having read an article on The Puppy Mag, you do so at your own risk and responsibility. We always advise you to check reviews and do your own research before choosing to buy any product for your dog.

Always Seek Advice From Your Local Veterinarian or Trained Professional

You should always seek advice from a trained professional before making decisions or taking action that could affect the health and/or safety of your dog.